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Sun 23rd Jan 2022


Puppies are sometimes available to loving homes. Please contact us for further details

Gertie and Sam

Sam, Ruben and Winston

Gemma, Mia and Gertie

2014 - Quickpaw Mr Blue Sky & Quickpaw Golden Years

2015 - Elfe´s puppy - Quickpaw Telegram Sam at 5 weeks.

2015 - Quickpaw Cosmic Dancer at 6 weeks

Stacie with Elfe

Lucas with one of Strudel´s puppies

Mia & Darwin




Jenson & Syrus





Alfie & George


Lola & Ruben


Lola & Ruben




Schnitzel Junior

Schnitzel Junior ´Snug as a bug in a rug´

Ruby - Quickpaw Dark Eyes

Ruby - Quickpaw Dark Eyes

Hattie - Quickpaw Hattie Carroll

Hattie - Quickpaw Hattie Carroll

Mia - Quickpaw Heart of Mine

George - Quickpaw No Surrender

Ruby - Quickpaw Dark Eyes one of Girtie´s lovely b/s puppies

Boris - Quickpaw Blowing In The Wind one of Gertie´s sons

Ruby on her 1st Birthday

Ruby sporting her Christmas tree costume at the Dog Training Christmas party

Bramble has a friend at the end of her garden

Katie - Quickpaw Lily The Pink arrives at her new home

Ruby - Quickpaw Dark Eyes on the South Downs

Herbie - Quickpaw Paint It Black 2014

2014 - Katie - Quickpaw Lily The Pink has her first puppy trim

Katie - Quickpaw Lily The Pink

Mia - Quickpaw Heart Of Mine & Toffee the cat best of friends

Teaching Mia - Quickpaw Heart Of Mine & Toffee the cat to weave through the legs using the lure & click method

Mutley - Quickpaw Starman

Boris - Quickpaw Mr Blue Sky

Ziggy - Quickpaw Telegram Sam's first visit to the beach

July 2015 - Ziggy - Quickpaw Telegram Sam at Championship Show.










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