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Sun 23rd Jan 2022



Lady's Secret at Quickpaw AW(S)

24th August 2001 - 17th May 2011 

Heiki was our first black mini through her we discovered the world of agility.

She always put 100 per cent into whatever she was doing be it chasing her favourite ball, training or competing in agility or finding an available lap to jump on with a cheeky little look.

Thank you Heiki for being a part of our lives.

March 2012 TraVal Agility Group very kindly commemorated the life of our dear little Heiki (K.C. Lady's Secret at Quickpaw) by dedicating their 2011/12 Small Dog Tournament to her. The qualifying classes were held at 3 TraVal Agility Shows over the winter, there were classes for every size of dog to compete in. We are very proud of our little Udo who managed to achieve a 4th place in the league. Many thanks to Val & Tracy of TraVal.

Schnitzel and Heiki running on the Downs

Heiki's just caught a chicken !!


Puppy days.











Shimmering Spice

27th March 2000 - 18th July 2015 

Schnitzel was our first Miniature Schnauzer and through her we fell in love with the breed.

Schnitzel was an adorable, gentle little girl who loved life to the full. She is greatly missed but

leaves us with many happy memories.

On the Downs.


Fun in the snow.

Schnitzel and Heiki.

Gertie and Schnitzel.

Puppy days.

Puppy days.



Just taking a weekend break.

Mia, Strudel and Schnitzel at Letchworth.

Schnitzel and Heiki.














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